Jap India is catering to various domains including Automotive, Valve & Pump Parts, and Gears sector. We have been in the forefront in developing new and challenging products for its customers.

With vast experience in Designing, manufacturing our team is always focused on achieving the said target. We consistently keep pace with latest upgrades in technology and software support.

Products we usually deal with,

  • Automotive Parts
  • All type of Shafts and Gears
  • Flywheels and pulley
  • Breaks and Coupling
  • Suspension system parts
  • Transmission system parts
  • Steering System parts
  • Engine Parts
  • All type of Valves
  • All type of flanges and pipe fittings

Do you have custom requirements or you are looking for end to end product Developer? Feel free to get in touch with us. we will help you.