We are committed to offer high precision parts with superior quality at competitive prices. We ensure the quality of our products through state-of-the-art inspection facilities. Our three-stage quality control process includes raw material inspection, dimensional inspection and a final special inspection.

Material Inspections,

  • Raw Material, Incoming raw material is Lab tested at entry level to the plant
  • Blanking, The Quality of Blanks are checked for primary conformity
  • Forging, The Forging Die is inspected for good forging out put
  • Trimming, Good finished products are selected after trimming stage
  • Punching, Inspection at punching stage rejects poorly finished goods
  • Heat Treatment, Heat treated products are inspected for proper internal structural formation and Hardness of the Product
  • Gauging, All Products are checked with gauges for operational fitment.

Dimensional Inspection

  • Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CNC-CMM)
  • Linear Measuring Machine ( LMM )
  • Profile Projector
  • Digital Height Gauge
  • All kind of Inspection Gauges & Instruments


The Quality/inspection program is designed to check and recheck the production quality at each strategic stage of the production process i.e. quality program functions from the Raw material to finished products.