Jap India was established with very specific ideas and goals in mind. Our first goal was to obtain the specialty in automotive Industry, Gears, Valve and Pump parts that possess the skills and knowledge necessary to manufacture tooling in today’s quickly changing casting industries. The equipment and skill needed in our industry are one of precise accuracy and assurance. For this reason, we choose to utilize different software and technologies to their fullest. Our plan was aggressive and structured towards providing our customers with the types of services that would propel their capabilities towards or beyond their expectations of today’s tooling field. We are designs, manufactures, and assemble parts for customers in international markets. Headquartered in Una – Gujarat, India. Our tradition is one of quality, affordability, customer service, and community investment.

We are a systems driven organization, eager to learn and experiment, in tune with the latest technology. Rich learning experience gained with International customers has established us as one of the most preferred Contract Manufacturer in India. With consistent performance and dependable after-sales service, our customers keep coming to us with repeat orders and felicitations as well.